Didcot and District Woodturners Club

Didcot and District Woodturners Club run a variety of competitions to challenge members, and encourage and inspire them to improve their design skills and turning ability

Turner of the Year Competition (2023/2024) Status

Apologies for the time taken to update the competition results.
A few issues with the change from two to three categories, hopefully now sorted. Keith


24Sarah Ruane535335    
13Steve Rimington  535    
8David Cross 53     
7Sue Bennett 52    
5Steve Mayo 5     


21Harry Butcher15232332    
21Kevin Blackman3125523    
13Ken Leadbetter5332    
12Colin Marsh2212 5    
7Duncan Hepburn511    
6Bryan Orchard 15    
5Richard Peacock113     
5Alistair Wilson5     
2Dave Butler 11    


19Tony Halcrow5 3533    
18Mike Wrottesley132255    
14Dave Rolstone 1553    
10Richard Edwards325     
9Tim Holmes 5112    
5Mick Curran2 21    

Turner of the Year

This is an annual competition in monthly stages based on the competition theme set by the committee. The Competition theme is shown in the Club Programme.

Currently, three tables will be set up each month, one for "Beginners", one for "Intermediate" turners and one for "Advanced" turners. Turners will remain in the same category for the full competition year, September to August.

Entries should be placed on the tables at the beginning of each meeting and the members will choose a winner by placing a token next to their favourite piece in each category before or during the tea break. Tokens will be on the competition tables.

Points will be awarded for 1st (5 points), 2nd (3 points) and 3rd (2 points) places which will accumulate through the year. All unplaced entries will be awarded 1 point.

At the AGM, the member with the most points in each category will be declared the winner and receive the 'Turner of the Year' shield. The shield will be held for the year and returned before the next AGM.

A 'Tooth Fairy' Box by Graham Hall

A Group of Bowls

A Platter by Tony Sibley

Turner of the Year Guidelines

Having run the competition for several years now a few guidelines have been set:

A Tazza and Fruit by Dave Rostone

A Burl Bowl by Graham Hall

A Hollow Form by Harry Butcher

The Presidents Challenge

The challenge is an annual event that closes at the end of the August meeting each year. It will have an open theme so you can enter any one piece you wish. The only criteria is that it has been made within the last year.

Currently there are two sections for the competition. One for beginners and one for the advanced. ( You decide which category you belong in )

Judging will be done by the committee (minus any members with an entry in the competition) at the September committee meeting.

At the AGM the winner of a 'beginners' and 'more experienced' categories will be awarded a shield to be held for one year and returned before the next AGM.

These 'trophies' have kindly been donated by the president of the Ox & Bucks wood carving club.

The absolute deadline for entry into this challenge will be the end of the August meeting.

All entries will be photographed and displayed on the Gallery page.

A Segmented Vase by Tim Holmes

A Small Bowl by David Cross

A Hollow Form with Finial by Mick Curran