An Ash and Santos box, winner of the 2017 
			Toolpost Challenge, by Chris Gibbins.

During the course of 2019 the club will be running two competitions for its members

'Turner of the Year'

This will be an annual competition in monthly stages based on the ‘hands on’ meeting themes with each theme being the subject of the competition for the following month.

As an example, the hands on meeting in January 2019 will have ‘a Goblet’ as the theme so the competition for February will be ‘A Goblet’ ( of any form or type )

The competition for the month following a demo night will be based on what the demonstrator makes and will be announced during the course of the evening.

Two tables will be set up each month, one for beginners and one for the more experienced turners ( You decide which category you belong in ) Entries should be placed ( unnamed ) on the tables at the beginning of each meeting and the members will choose a winner by placing a token next to their favourite piece in each category before or during the tea break. Tokens will be on the competition tables.

Points will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places which will accumulate through the year.

At the AGM the member with the most points in each category will be declared the winner and receive a £50 Toolpost voucher.



The Presidents Challenge

The challenge will have an open theme so you can enter any piece you wish. The only criteria is that it has been made within the last year.

The prize will be a £50 Toolpost voucher in beginners and more experienced categories with a runners up prize of a £20 Toolpost Voucher.

Their will also be a 'trophy' for the winner of each section which has kindly been donated by the president of the Ox & Bucks wood carving club

The absolute deadline for entry into this challenge will be the end of the October meeting.

Entries will be put on show during the November week we spend in the Abingdon shop and the winners will be chosen by the club members and the general public. Everyone that comes into the shop will be asked to complete a secret vote for the object of their choice in each section.

It may be worth noting that during our first year of doing this (2018) judging appeared to be for the pieces with the most 'instant eye appeal' and not necessarily for the piece that took the most skill to turn.

Prizes will be awarded at the AGM.

Winning entries will be photographed and displayed on this page.

Winged bowl in Burl Elm by Graham Hall. Winner of the Presidents Challenge 'experienced' section 2018

Winged bowl in Burl Elm by Graham Hall

A segmented box by Tim Holmes. Winner of the Presidents Challenge'beginners' section 2018

A segmented box by Tim Holmes.